We already know that Daniel Radcliffe's new flick The Woman in Black is gunning for the title of creepiest film of 2012.

The previous trailer featured that goosebump-inducing trifecta of little girls singing nursery rhymes, dirty Victorian dolls and an old mansion that has a serious case of the floorboard creakies. But now a new sneak peek is out, and it's bringing the scare factor to a whole new level.

Radcliffe has definitely left his Harry Potter origins behind for this flick. (Hello, sideburns.) As a young lawyer tasked with putting a deceased client's papers in order, Danny Boy quickly finds out that the sprawling estate is hiding some dark secrets...behind the wallpaper. Literally.

In one of the creepiest moments, we see the Danster frantically pull away shreds of paper only to reveal a cryptic note: "You could have saved them." Mix that with rocking chairs moving on their own and dolls coming to life out of the blue and we dare you not to let the chills set in.

Or maybe it's just one of Harry's old Hogwarts pals throwing out some spells as a practical joke?

The Woman in Black scares its way into theaters Feb. 6. Are you ready to get spooked?

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