Camille Grammer, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 2

Richard McLaren/Bravo

Kelsey Grammer sounds like he thought he was being real sweet for leaving ex-wife Camille that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills "parting gift," but she's not having it.

The former Frasier star hit the press tour rounds to promote his new show Boss and add in some digs at his ex, saying he spent a "very difficult" decade with her and got her cast on RHOBH out of the kindness of his own heart.

And now, she's revealing what she thinks of his comments.

Camille says she couldn't even watch Kelsey's interview with Piers Morgan because she already knew her ex would be talking about her.

"No, I couldn't watch. I had heard that he was going to be mean and disrespectful," she tweeted to a fan who asked if she had seen the CNN talk show.

No doubt she had heard other sound bites from his press tour:  "In my mind that [Real Housewives] was my parting gift to her after a very difficult marriage and a very difficult decade," the actor said on an Australian morning news program. "I thought maybe, 'So long, here's a little present for ya.'"

Of course, this cuts both ways. In January, the Real Housewife described Kelsey as a sort of cross-dressing kinkmeister when discussing the divorce with Howard Stern on his Sirius show.

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