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Think they've got bespoke spokes?

Royal trappings be damned, Prince William and Kate Middleton are really taking this one-with-the-people thing seriously, as it was revealed today that while the could-be pampered newlyweds are in London, their preferred mode of transportation is not chauffeured Rolls Royces, horse-drawn carriages or whatever other vehicle is conjured up when one thinks of the royal life.

Instead, this ever-tandem couple has taken to riding bikes around their fair city. Yes, bikes.

Their cover was first blown by London Mayor Boris Johnson, who told a radio station that the duke and duchess had been spotted pedaling around town on so-called Boris Bikes, the city's distinctive blue rental two-wheelers that are named after the very mayor who introduced the initiative.

There are docking stations peppered around the city that allow renters to pick up and drop off the cycles as needed—one, incidentally, being located on the edge of Hyde Park, not too far from Will and Kate's apartments at Kensington Palace.

And not just political hearsay, a spokesman for St. James's Palace confirmed that the sporty couple is fans of the service.

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge occasionally use the London cycle scheme bicycles to undertake private journeys around London," they told E! News.

Now why do we get the feeling that this service's popularity is about to skyrocket?

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