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Have you hugged a Dancing With the Stars costume designer today?

You should. 'Cause after talking to Nancy Grace at tonight's performance show, it's evident she came thisclose to having another wardrobe, er, incident. And you should probably bake cookies for the kind souls who work at DWTS who averted that crisis for you.

We also heard from a star who admitted "I blew it!,"and another contestant who believes he already should go home. Here's all the backstage scoop...

"My [costume] wasn't working," Nancy revealed of her rehearsal run-through, hinting that she almost lost the top portion of her outfit while doing her 80's dance. "[The wardrobe stylists] added lace reinforcements at the top. I'm the only one that comes out in a turtleneck. But I'm OK with it."

We are too.

Feeling less fortunate was Ricki Lake, who admitted to us: "I blew it. The first Roger Rabbit, I blew it."

"This week was a weird mix," partner Derek Hough explained. "The Fox Trot and that song. It just didn't work. It was just an off week."  But Ricki isn't ruffled: "I didn't perform to the best of my abilities...But we will come back next week. I am in it to win it." Atta girl.

 Carson Kressley, meanwhile, is expecting to go home any minute. "We aim to entertain, but we are not the best...I am always nervous about elimination. I cannot believe I'm still around! Kristin Cavalleri was here tonight and I was like, 'I cannot believe that I have made it this far and you are sitting there and I'm still here!' But if people keep calling in, I guess we'll stay."

And David Arquette was beaming after his upward tick on the leaderboard tonight, telling us, "Getting a nine off Len [Goodman] was amazing! To move up from the middle and the bottom, it feels really good."

Three of the contestants have noticeably shed some poundage. But how much? Chaz Bono tells us:"I don't know what the scale says, but I know I've dropped a few sizes." Ricki Lake reveals, "We stopped measuring, but yeah, they keep making my costumes smaller. I'm clearly losing weight, and hopefully I keep losing all the way to the end." And Nancy Grace has an actual number for you: "I've lost 16 pounds. It's all that physical exercise. Here is the secret to weight loss: All you have to do is work out eight hours a day and you'll be fine!"

Quick, somebody write that down in a medical journal! History!

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