Joe Manganiello, Megan Fox, Gwen Stefani, Ryan Gosling

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It's ab appreciation day here at the Awful Truth, and we're paying tribute to four sexy stars with rock-hard mid sections.

Chances are, unless you've been living under a rock, you've been ogling these celeb bodies just like the rest of us. But alas, the time has come for you to tell us whose chiseled tummy reigns supreme over all!

So who will it be, Awful readers?

Joe Manganiello, Megan Fox, Gwen Stefani, Ryan Gosling

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Is it just us or is it near impossible to take your eyes off of Gwen Stefani's abs of steel? The singer's hotness is undeniable, and she's got a kickass voice to boot—no doubt! (Sorry, we had to.)

Of course, it would be careless of us not to include Ryan Gosling's abs, the real breakout star of Crazy, Stupid, Love. OK, his smoldering stare and ridiculous charm—not to mention every other friggin' part of him—didn't hurt, but it was his washboard abs that had our jaws on the floor. 

And don't think we forgot about hottie-forever Megan Fox. If there's one thing we can thank the Transformers franchise for, it's bringing more hotness into the world, particularly in the form of Foxy's abs. The sexalicious actress may not have too much in the pro pipeline, but her abs mean business, always.

Or maybe you prefer Joe Manganiello's supernatural six-pack? What can we say, True Blood sure knows what we like! Take it from us, one flash of Mr. Manganiello's ab-tastic eye candy and you'll be a fan for life.

You tell us, who's got the most swoon-worthy physique in Hollywood?

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