Oh, what men will do to win a woman's heart.

The big screen will soon be featuring This Means War, a romantic comedy set for February release, which is also jam-packed with action as two CIA agents (and best friends), played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, go at it after finding out they're dating the same woman, Reese Witherspoon.


The trailer—which we've so kindly provided for your viewing pleasure—makes you initially think that this is some hardcore action movie, which will involve blowing stuff up and killing bad guys. Which isn't all bad since Pine and Hardy look good being badass in well-tailored suits.

But then, the real plot of the film, a love triangle, unfolds. And the two hunks start meddling with the other's relationship in ways that make the story a lot more interesting.

Watch the trailer to see what you can expect in This Means War, and to find out which E! star is also cast in the film!

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