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    Nominate Your Ultimate TV Character Crush!

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    Do you sometimes wish Jim Halpert from The Office was a real person? Or that you could actually be best friends with New Girl's Jess? Trust us, you are so not alone.

    Having crushes on TV characters is 78 percent of the reason we tune in week after week. We did the math. Which is why we decided to launch a tournament-style contest to determine the Ultimate TV Character Crush—male and female. And now is your chance to weigh in...

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    There are just too many hot TV people for us to even begin to narrow down the list, and we want to make sure your faves are truly represented. This is where all you lovely people come in. But first, a couple quick guidelines:

    1. The character must be in a current TV show. However, the series doesn't have to be airing episodes right now. For example, Mad Men and True Blood peeps are all eligible for nominations. Sorry, Buffy Summers can't get nominated—but Bridget Kelly or Siobhan Martin can!
    2. Remember, this is for TV characters, not the actors who play them. We don't care if you're lusting after Darren Criss—ff you aren't into Blaine Anderson, he doesn't get a nomination. You have to be sweating for their onscreen personae.

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    So wanna help us out? Nominate your favorite male TV Crush and female TV Crush by naming them (with their show) in the comments or via Twitter (@kristindsantos). We'll then narrow it down to 64 males and 64 females and start the voting part of the tournament. Nominations are open until midnight on Friday, Oct. 21. So get going!

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