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Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake

Freddie Baez/startraksphoto.com

Dear Ted:
Now that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are back together, do we hear wedding bells in the not so distant future? They have been practically attached at the hip lately. Many now actually believe this is the real deal and that J.T. is now finally ready to commit.

Dear SexyBack Bride:
In the not so distant future? Nope. Ever? Well, maybe. While J.T. and J.B. may have rekindled their romance, Justin isn't looking for anything too serious right now—certainly not a wife. He's young and having fun. Jess knows that.

Dear Ted:
I have been hearing for years and years that Beyoncé is actually 10 years older and lied about her age from very early on. Is it so?
—Destiny's Child(?)

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Dear Fake It Till You Make It:
Fake baby bump. Fake age. With all these accusations, you'd think Bey would have faked her way into the Vice Hall of Fame by now. But she hasn't—and for good reason. Credit her seemingly older age to her being more mature than most of her pop star counterparts.

Dear Ted:
Do casting couches really happen? If so, who do the actresses sleep most with, agents, casting directors, directors, writers, producers or studio CEOs? Does it really help them? Xoxo

Dear In the Lust Seat:
More than you'd think, babe. And it can definitely help certain stars (male and female) land big-time flicks, win glitzy awards or at the very least, become filthy rich (emphasis on the filthy).

Dear Ted:
It is fairly well established that there are many A-list gay male actors who have beards. But what about the A-list actresses? Are there many of them that have straight male beards and would we be surprised or shocked? Also, wouldn't the ideal bearding situation be with a gay actor and a gay actress? Does this happen?

Dear Equal Opportunity:
There are fewer beards for the chicks, but it does exist. As for bearding a beard with a beard (how confusing was that?), it happens too. Just ask Hard-Nipple Nick!

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Dear Ted:
You just said that Brad and Angelina have an LTR. You're kidding, right? Are they paying you up front or do they have their people send you checks by way of a Swiss bank? It's pretty clear that Brangelina have been over for a while. Who knows what's holding them together, but I don't think it's their relationship. Is there any truth to the rumor that he's involved with a coworker on his movie set? A bit of history repeating itself, perhaps?

Dear Keeping Up With the Smiths:
I didn't say everything was peachy keen between the two, but a relaysh with problems is still a relaysh. As for any rumors you've heard about Brad dipping his pen in the company ink, well Ange would never allow that. And I think you know it, babe.

Dear Ted:
So I just finished reading Valley of the Dolls, since I'd been reading so much about it on your blog. I loved the book; the movie was OK, (loved Patty Duke). Here's my question: Why the obsession with Ted Casablanca? He had such a small role to play in both the book and the film. Just curious!

Dear Dollsface:
Simple, he was the prettiest, was pivotal to the plot and knew his way around pills!