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    Five Raunchiest Moments From the New American Reunion Trailer

    American Reunion Universal Pictures

    It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

    Jason Biggs is perhaps best known on the big screen for getting off by putting his pee-pee into mom's apple pie and using super glue to his misfortune in the American Pie franchise.

    So you kinda have to feel for the guy now that the makers of American Reunion are giddily resurrecting such gags for the latest sequel, the first since 2003's American Wedding, and what is essentially—pardon the pun—the thrust of the new red band trailer out today.

    E! News has the, um, blow-by-blow (sorry) of the teaser and the icky soiled sock at the center of it.

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    America Reunion Universal Studios

    1. Old Habits: The preview starts with the film's nebbishy central character, Jim, now happily married (we think) to senior-year prom date Michelle (Alyson Hannigan). Jim's in bed, using his laptop, but after Alyson tells him she's going to take a bath, he's unable to help his horny self and clicks over to a porn site.

    America Reunion Universal Studios

    2. Sock Monkey: But before he can begin masturbating, Mr. Kinky decides to spice things up by reaching for his drawer and pulling out a…sock? He proceeds to fill it with lube. All the while, we hear R. Kelly croon, "My Mind's telling me no/but my body's telling me yessss!" from his hit "Bump 'N Grind."

    America Reunion Universal Studios

    3. Dad, Interrupted: Of course, hilarity ensues when Jim and Michelle's toddler walks in on him doing the deed. Panicked after accidentally banging "little Jim" on the computer, dad flings the sock onto the kid's head.

    America Reunion Universal Studios

    4. Not-So-Squeaky Clean: At which point Jim enters the bathroom shocked—just shocked—to find his missus pleasuring herself in the bathtub.

    America Reunion Universal Studios

    5. All Wet: More laughs keep, ah, coming when an embarrassed Michelle loses her grip on the shower head and sprays water all over poor Jim.

    You'd think by now the screenwriters would've assumed these two puritans have seen each other's O Face. But we'll let you judge for yourself.

    American Reunion hits theaters on April 6, 2012.

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