With all the Robsten girlfriend-boyfriend biz lately, we almost forgot there was a Breaking Dawn flick hitting theaters soon.

Ha! As if. Why do you think the usually oh-so-shy Kristen Stewart has been blabbing to so many magazines lately? Well, today K.Stew gets a break and the flick does the talking in this brand-spankin'-new Breaking Dawn TV spot.

And what's better than one boob tube clip from the flick?

Two clips!

And while neither of the made-for-TV trailers reveal anything particularly new about the vampy movie, it's still enough to get us pumped up for the big day. Nov. 18, remember? You weren't planning on doing anything else, were you?

Wedding bling. Bangin' in Brazil. Demon baby. We can't wait!

And we want more.

Which is why we're happy to report that we have only a little over a month until the movie hits theaters and almost exactly one month until the premiere!

And we're sure if Rob and Kristen keep up their promo goodness, the time will pass like that. After all now that they're officially BF and GF, is it too crazy for us hope for a little bit more offscreen canoodling?

This sneaking sweet glances during press functions is so Eclipse.

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