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Surprise! The new fall show with the most instant fan love isn't New Girl. Or Pan Am. Or Secret Circle.

So what is it?

We have the current rankings from our month-long "Save It or Sink It" campaign, in which thousands of users have been weighing in on the new fall TV series. So will these favorites live on? And which new comedy debuted last night to huge ratings? Here's the lowdown…

The show with the most votes so far to "Save It" is…

ABC's Revenge!

(Editor's completely unbiased note: We are so happy we could slap someone right across the face, then sleep with her husband, 'cause Revenge is surprisingly delish and addictive.)

What else is ranking high on your "Save It" list so far? Check out your rankings, and chances of survival:

1. Revenge (ABC, Wednesdays)
67.4 % Save it
6.4 % Sink it
26.2 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: It's having trouble beating the billion-year-old CSI on Wednesdays, but it's competitive, which is something the quickly canned Whole Truth never was for ABC last fall.

2. New Girl (Fox, Tuesdays)
64.2 % Save it
15.5 % Sink it
20.3 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: It's Fox's highest-rated show in the 18-49 demo. And, oh, yeah, it's been picked up through the spring. So no reason to sweat the baseball-imposed October hiatus. This one's a keeper.

3. The Secret Circle (CW, Thursdays )
62.5 % Save it
11.4 % Sink it
26.1 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: The CW's No. 1 new show, and, actually, its No. 2 show overall, behind The Vampire Diaries. If it's not doing enough to stick around on the network, then nothing is. (Update: It is doing enough—it got picked up for the rest of the season today.)

4. Suburgatory (ABC, Wednesdays)
56.7 % Save it
13.0 % Sink it
30.3 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: 2 Broke Girls and New Girl are getting all the attention, but this even-newer newcomer (it's only two episodes old) is holding up its end of the deal between The Middle and Modern Family on Wednesdays for ABC.

5. Hart of Dixie (CW, Mondays)
54.6 % Save it
9.5 % Sink it
35.9 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: The ratings aren't anything to write home (or your long-lost daughter) about, but it's almost doing what Gossip Girl did for the CW on Mondays last fall, and—hey! —Gossip Girl got renewed. (Update: Guess what? Hart of Dixie got renewed, too. Well, at least through the spring.)

6. Ringer (CW, Tuesdays)
54.5 % Save it
11.1 % Sink it
34.5 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: The CW seems to be hooked, and here's why: Last night's episode was up a (relative) ton, to 1.7 million estimated viewers, and, in general, the show's towering over its 90210 lead-in. Another good sign: Its reruns got selected to air in the time slot vacated by H8R. (Update: And the CW made it three for three today, picking up all three of its fall dramas.)

7. Up All Night (NBC, Thursdays)
53.4 % Save it
19.1 % Sink it
27.5 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: Here's a bet that somehow, some way, this network favorite finds its way into NBC's Thursday comedy block by the end of the season (and, yes, it's got an episode order that'll take it clear to the spring).

8. Pan Am (ABC, Sundays)
50.5 % Save it
13.7 % Sink it
35.8 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: A lot of people tuned in for the premiere, and, uh-oh, a lot of people didn't tune back in. ABC's still trying to sell tickets, though, touting its strength against The Good Wife and CSI: Miami. This flight may be too expensive to cancel...just yet, at least.

9. American Horror Story (FX, Wednesdays)
45.5 % Save it
10.5 % Sink it
44 % Haven't seen it yet*
*It's worth noting here that AHS is a cable series and probably would have ranked higher if more of you had seen it. A 10.5% "Sink It" rate is the third lowest of any series polled, and impressive for a scary-as-hell series that clearly is not for everyone.
Chances of Survival: It was FX's highest-rated series premiere ever among adults 18-34. If it keeps scaring up stats like that, it won't be going anywhere.

10. Person of Interest (CBS, Thursdays)
40.2 % Save it
13.2 % Sink it
46.7 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: This is a tough one. Its overall audience is pretty big (13.4 million viewers on the season), but, in the 18-49 demo on Thursday nights, it's running behind Grey's Anatomy and The Office. True, sometimes CBS doesn't seem to care about such things. (See: The Good Wife). But if the network didn't care at all, then it wouldn't have moved CSI off Thursdays, which it did.

11. Terra Nova (Fox, Mondays)
37.8 % Save it
14.4 % Sink it
47.8 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: Monday was its first not-great night, but was that because the dinosaur drama suddenly went extinct, or because playoff baseball mucked things up? Too soon to tell. Even in its downsized form, though, Terra Nova's still an upgrade for Fox over Lie to Me.

12. Prime Suspect (NBC)
28.5 % Save it
18.8 % Sink it
52.7 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: The fact that NBC's running its reruns all over the schedule says more than its barely there numbers (an 1.8 18-49 rating on the season). Still, the network isn't so committed that it's picked it up yet.

13. Whitney (NBC, Thursdays)
26.0 % Save it
33.6 % Sink it
40.4 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: Already picked up.

14. Unforgettable (CBS, Tuesdays)
22.4 % Save it
18.0 % Sink it
59.7 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: It's doing a lot (11.8 million viewers last night), but it may not be doing enough considering CBS' other Tuesday shows, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles are doing a whole lot, and the show it replaced, The Good Wife, is still getting a whole lot more acclaim.

15. Charlie's Angels (ABC)
22.3 % Save it
38.6 % Sink it
39.1 % Haven't seen it yet
Chances of Survival: Its days here on Earth are surely numbered. Last week, this reboot was as demographically desirable as The Playboy Club, which is to say it wasn't. Demographically desirable. At all. 

Full Disclosure: Several shows, including 2 Broke Girls, The X Factor, Homeland or A Gifted Man, missed out on the Save It or Sink It fun, but here is your chance to weigh in now on those series…Don't worry, we'll be back with more results to get all your favorites represented!

2 Broke Girls (CBS, Mondays)
Chances of Survival: It's been picked up for the rest of the season, and it's not letting up. On Monday, it was the night's No. 2 show among adults 18-49.

Save It or Sink It: 2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls?

A Gifted Man (CBS)
Chances of Survival: After the doomed How to Be a Gentleman, it's CBS' lowest-hanging fruit, and, unfortunately for its cast and crew, it's hanging really, really, really low in the 18-49 demo.

Save It or Sink It: A Gifted Man
A Gifted Man?

Homeland (Showtime, Sundays)
Chances of Survival: Showtime might be ready to enlist. This was the network's most-watched drama premiere since Dead Like Me. Sunday's second episode did nearly as well, with 938,000 viewers.

Save It or Sink It: Homeland

The X Factor
Chances of Survival: There seemed to be some disappointment that, ratings-wise, this wasn't American Idol 2.0, but there's nothing disappointing about taking a pair of spots in the Top 20, which is what Team Cowell did last week.

Save It or Sink It: X Factor
X Factor?

Also, Tim Allen's new show premiered on ABC last night and you'll never believe how it did…

Last Man Standing (ABC, Tuesdays)
Chances of Survival: Its opening night was a smash. No 8 p.m. comedy has scored a bigger premiere (estimated 13 million viewers) since NBC bet on Matt LeBlanc's Joey to keep the Must-See TV mojo going—so, yeah, basically, since forever. 

Save It or Sink It: Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing?

Any other new shows you're dying to hear about? What shows surprised or disappointed you this year? Hit the comments!

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