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Let's face it, I was kind of a hot mess. I had been sick for a week, broke out in a rash all over my neck/face, wasn't sleeping...I felt like crap. Worst of all, the concert I had been so excited about for the past four months was tonight. I just didn't know how I was going to make it. 

But this wasn't just any concert. It was JOURNEY! I'm a crazy Journey fan. I had a Journey cover band play my last birthday. I know all the words to all the songs and every time I hear it, this sense of happiness washes over me. I know I had to make it, sickness or not.

After work, I ran to my doctor and got a steroid shot for the rash and antibiotics for my sickness. Then straight home to take a one and a half hour snooze.But when I woke up from my disco nap, I still feel bad.

Two of my dear friends, Emjay and Tracy, came over to my place to cab to the Hollywood Bowl. They were just the rousing I needed. I got dressed, called the cab and we headed to the concert. As soon as we pulled up, we could hear Foreigner playing and I started to get excited. We grabbed some drinks and headed to our seats. I looked around the completely packed venue and knew it was going to be awesome. 

As soon as the music started, giddiness flooded my body. It felt like the first time, the very first time (even though I have seen them in concert many times). We didn't sit the entire concert. We danced and sang our hearts out. I totally forgot about my rash, my sinus infection, my rough day at work, my bills...all I thought about was having fun with my friends.

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