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Survivor: South Pacific Insider: Meat Lovers Special!

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Jim Rice, Whitney English, Elyse Umemoto, Survivor South Pacific
Jim Rice, Whitney English, Elyse Umemoto, Survivor South Pacific Monty Brinton/CBS

Greetings, folks! Porky Pig welcomes you to a special smorgasbord episode of Survivor: South Pacific

After Stacey served up an appetizer of sour grapes at Redemption Island, the tribes went hog wild on some Samoan white meat in this season's carnivorous challenge. The winners' doggie bag contained not only the pork they gnawed off the bone but also spices, veggies and bread for the carb lovers.

But for the Castaway blindsided at tonight's shocking Tribal Council, meat was murder…

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Survivor Rebound: Savaii lost the Lord of the Flies-style pig-out—by a mere two ounces of pork—and Ozzy lost the chance to make little Ozzlets with Elyse when his "hammock sweetheart" was voted out of the tribe in an amazing triple blindside. Jim betrayed Ozzy and his girlfriend by orchestrating the vote with the rest of the tribe—but he in turn got played by his imagined allies Whitney and Keith. Their brilliant Switzerland vote for Dawn should deflect Ozzy's anger to the one ally who truly betrayed him: Jim. As someone—Ozzy, as a matter of fact—told me before the game in Samoa, Survivor romance "makes you stupid."

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All About the Benjamins: Stacey lost the Redemption Island duel (to the unstoppable Christine—who's the "ricochet rabbit" now?), but she shared some hugs intel with the opposing Savaii tribe on the way out—that "Benjamin" (Coach's now-unsanctioned birth name) is running the show at Upolu along with Albert and Sophie. This was also brand-new information to duel witness Mikayla, a strong, beautiful and pleasant girl who has to wonder why she's being Cochranated by her tribe. She's on even shakier ground now that Coach "Don't Call Me Benjamin" Wade claimed the Immunity Idol after Albert shared the clue with him and Sophie. Things should get especially interesting now that each of the Survivor vets—Coach and Ozzy—have immunity.

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"Hilarious…but Not": Already viewed by his annoyed tribe as the human equivalent of a canker sore, Cochran (the worst player of this season?) further unendeared himself to his tribe by worrying aloud that he contracted "oral herpes" after swapping spit with his tribemates in the luau challenge. Cochran's comedy routine makes great TV, but it's only a matter of time before the Little Cochran That Could leaves the station.  

Who do you think holds the power after the Savaii shakeup? Is Coach really, as Stacey claimed, Upolu's "Chuckie the Cheese"? Can Elyse evict Christine from Redemption Island and eventually reclaim her spot on Ozzy's hammock?

For now, says Porky, "Th-th-th-that's all, folks!"

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