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Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

AKM Images

Are they or aren't they?

No, we're not talking about Robsten. We're talking about Spider-Man costars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Tho, the sexy duo and rumored offscreen couple have kept us guessing in a way oh-so-similar to the Twilight twosome.

So what does the funnylady have to say about all those rumors that she and Andrew are bringing their onscreen chemistry home with them?

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"Oh my god, you can't be friends with anyone any more, can you?" Emma spills to Daily Mail.

Well, it's not impossible. But how many times have two hottie H'wood kiddos kept their steamy smooching strictly in front of the cameras?

So, what is she saying on their lover status?

"We're...we're..." Emma stumbled. "We get along very well."

We're sure you do, wink wink!

So what's the hold up? Why won't she just freakin' say yes or no already?

Emma dishes, "The only way to keep really personal stuff personal is just not to talk about it."

Sound familiar? How very Kristen Stewart of her.

And tho this is not as definitive as K.Stew's recent and overdue confession on her relationship with Robert Pattinson, Emma isn't saying no. We'll keep our relaysh radar on for full confirmation!

If this couple is following Robsten's lead, we should only have a few more years to wait.

But in the meantime, just how sexy is Emma playing to get on the big screen? Like, will we be seeing Emma in her birthday suit anytime soon?

"My dad would kill me if I posed naked," she scoffs. "He wouldn't speak to me again and I really love my dad, so that's always something that makes me a little nervous."

We totally get it, babe. And we're happy enough just watching you cuddle up with your boyfriend comic-book-lovin' costar in the meantime.