Sister Wives


Are the sister wives experiencing some, uh, sibling rivalry?

Well, whatever you want to call the situation, there was drama as the multi-marreid Kody Brown reveals in tonight's episode of Sister Wives that "Sometimes, I don't like this." And his wives agreed, "He's not happy with the situation." Yikes!

While Kody was excited to announce the sex of Robyn's baby, he reflected on the problems he faced with his first three wives (and the ones he's currently facing in his marriage with Christine).

Christine expressed her frustrations with the family's new Las Vegas living situation. While she enjoys having her own home now, she admits she's "lonely." She feels Kody "caters" to Robyn, though she doesn't blame Kody or Robyn, whom she calls "phenomenal," for that. Kody admits "jealousy creeps in when one wife says in her mind 'he loves her more than me.'" Christine says she basically has to make the choice to be happy again, even though having him leave for four days at a time "is getting old" for her and the kids. For his part, Kody says, "I've loved [Christine] all my life."

This isn't the first time Kody has gone through a rough patch with one of his wives. First wife Meri, whom he calls his "soul mate," had to reassess her relationship with Kody to make sure they were still invested. Kody says they are in it for another 20 years. Kody also faced problems with Janelle, but says their "tightest connection" is their children. (He had his first child, Logan, with Janelle.)

In this episode, we also learned the sex of Robyn's baby. Half of the family wanted a boy and half the family wanted a girl, so the couple decided to wait until the whole family could come together to make the announcement. Our favorite moment of the episode? It had to be when Robyn told the doctor that Kody had four wives and seventeen children.

The doc's response? "That's, I guess, cool."

It turns out the family's 17th child will be... a boy, exactly what 12-year-old Dayton wanted!

The family also had a business meeting, so Kody could figure out a way to get the family in homes next to each other. Despite saying, "When all of us are together all the time I say, 'This is crazy!'" Kody is hoping to start a family business with all four of his wives. Kody's idea? A family food franchise that is health-oriented. The wives aren't convinced.

What did you think of tonight's episode? What kind of family business do you think the Browns should start? Sound off in the comments!

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