It's about time Gus had a little luck with the ladies.

After five years on Psych as Shawn's (James Roday) briefly married but mostly single sidekick, Gus is finally enjoying some "kissy-face" this season.

In fact, star Dulé Hill told us on set in Vancouver, Gus will be smooching at least three different women…

"Jessica Lucas, Diora Baird, Julianna Guill and one more" all play romantic interests of the tap-dancing pharmaceutical rep, Dulé revealed.

"Gus gets a lot of kissy-face this year," Dulé added about the reluctant bachelor. "He is making up for it this season because of the five-year drought he went through. I think in the first five years Gus may have kissed somebody twice. I have definitely surpassed that this year."

Of course, it's not all koalas and cinnamon pie for Gus T.T. Showbiz ("the extra T is for extra talent").

In this season's Bachelorette-themed episode, Gus' famous Super Sniffer doesn't get a whiff of the red rose. "Gus hits rock bottom trying to win the heart of Lindsay Sloane," says Dulé. "He strikes out so bad in this episode, it's pathetic—absolutely pathetic!"

Shawn and Juliet's (Maggie Lawson) one true pairing doesn't threaten Psych's famous bromance, Dulé insists. "[But] you will see Gus making some efforts to find someone who he can cohabitate with and have love experiences with," he says. "He doesn't do a good job at it, but he tries hard and I think it will be entertaining to watch."

So no girlfriend—but plenty of action. To quote Shawn, The Jackal has arrived.

Don't miss Psych's return, Wed., Oct. 12 on USA—and stay tuned for more on-set season-six scoop from star James Roday.

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