Aren't you so excited to watch part one of Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event this Sunday?!

We are, too. But before we get even giddier, we have exclusive details about Kim's life, post-wedding, to share!

E! News caught up with Kim Kardashian after her Today appearance this morning in New York to talk more wedding stuff (duh), her birthday plans, where she and hubby Kris Humphries are going to live and who the biggest slob is in the relationship.

We have a guess...

First up, though, all weddings are stressful. But in Kim's case...make that stressful-times-10.

Kim made sure to give praise to her wedding planner Sharon Sacks, who took care of every tiny detail incorporated in making Kim's day the greatest. But, with that behind her, now it's time for the next big occasion: her birthday!

She's turning 31 this month, and so far her other half is keeping mum on what he's got planned. But it turns out that celebrating her birthday as a married woman won't differ much from her usual routine.

They're going to Vegas! (Just as Kim did for the big 3-0.)

The newlywed also filled us in on what she and Kris are planning on the homefront—wherever that may be.

Currently, the couple have three homes (Kim's house in Los Angeles, and Kris' two bachelor pads in Miami and Minnesota), but they aren't going to know whether they have to add to that total until the NBA lockout ends.

Kim explains that Kris, who's a free agent, could go back to the New Jersey Nets, or he might end up being signed by a different team. Once they figure that out, then they'll decide where to settle down—and how many bedrooms they're going to need (wink-wink).

That's not all! Check out the video for more deets and to find out who the biggest "slob" is in their relationship.

—Reporting by Vanessa McDonald

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