Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron

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Dear Ted:
I've read a lot about how Zac Efron is supposedly super jealous of Robert Pattinson. I've also seen Rob make a lot of jokes about Zac and I'm wondering if there really is some kind of rivalry between them.

Dear Hair Today Gone Tomorrow:
Well, Rob has an über-successful franchise, a hottie GF, and hair that is simply parfait. Zac...doesn't. So if he were totally jealous it wouldn't be without reason. But he's not. Plus, Rob doesn't rub his success in other actor's faces, he's not that tacky.

Dear Ted:
Just read your article "Lindsay Lohan Can't Shut It." Apparently, neither can you. What's with the personal vendetta against her?

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Dear Big Fat Trap:
Excuse me, babe? Lately, I've spent more time talking about how talented I think she could be and kicking around the idea of casting her in a big time TV deal than poking fun at her mess of a life. I'm terribly sorry if I hurt her (or more likely your) feelings.

Dear Ted:
K.Stew outing Robsten in GQ smells like Breaking Dawn PR to me. Please tell me that Summit isn't behind this.

Dear Love Summit:
Trust, K.Stew knows exactly what she's doing. Girl may have (barely) admitted to a Robsten love, but she always gives just the right amount of deets to keep us wanting more.

Dear Ted:
Kristin Cavallari
better not ruin my Bears' football season like Jessica Simpson did to Tony Romo. Are these two back together? Do you think they'll make it down the wedding aisle this time?

Dear Second Times the Charm:
Fat chance. Sure, they may be rekindling their canoodling now, but unless Chicago QB Jay Cutler changed his ways (which I'm sure he hasn't), this relaysh is going to go the same way it did before: south.

Dear Ted:
Enough's enough with Morgan Mayhem. Out that lame trick so she can understand that she is fooling no one. Please.

Dear Ted:
Scary thing is, she actually believes she is fooling folks. Funny, I was just thinking about how I'd love to read a Morgan Mayhem tell-all but who would write it? If she did, it'd be chock full of lies. Which Vice star's tell all would you be into reading, E.?

Dear Ted:
Do you buy that Blake Lively didn't want to marry Leonardo DiCaprio and that's why she dumped him? Or do you think it was Leo who dumped her because she was trying too hard to be Mrs. DiCaprio? Why do the mags try to sell themselves by lying? Why does Leo pay no attention to these kinds of lies and never respond?

Dear Money Hungry:
Most likely it was the latter, but whatever the reason for the break-up it was seems it was for the best (the pair did have a 12-year age gap). Now, Leo can get back to his J. Edgar movie-star ways, and B. can focus on her Upper East Side scheming in Gossip Girl. As for the tabloids spewing lies to sell themselves? I think you answered your own question, babe.

Dear Ted:
When Ryan Gosling was on Jay Leno recently, he said that it was some woman's job to record all his talk show appearances and then I guess critique him on what he does. I was just wondering if this is a common practice among other high profile actors, such as Robert Pattinson. Do all these actors have people telling them exactly what not to say and do during interviews?

Dear You Betcha:
What can we say? In a press-hungry world, some actors need a little bit of expert guidance. We love Ryan's kooky responses, but not so sure his weirdo comments are best for his hottie image. Luckily, some celebs aren't great listeners, or else the world would have missed out on some truly ridiculous talk-show bloopers (yeah, we're talking about you Tom Cruise). As for Rob? Sure, he's told what to say from time to time, but that certainly doesn't stop Rob from making his own decisions. 

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