Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox


Dear Ted:
The interest in Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox's BFFness has me wondering if they are privately a romantic couple and use their boyfriends as covers.
—Julie in Texas

Dear Lez Be Friends:
I wish, Julie! But unfortunately, these chicas are into the opposite sex, despite the fact that both have been royally screwed over by certain dubious dudes in the past. Kinda makes you wonder why they haven't decided to give the whole girl-on-girl thing a shot.

Dear Ted:
Shia LaBeouf
has said that popularity and fame is like a drug and that it can be difficult to not feel almighty, comparing his fame to that of Robert Pattinson. If that's the case, I was wondering if you think Rob feels the same way, or shares the same sentiments as Shia.

Dear Totally Downer:
Sure, but Rob has way more fun with his fame than Shia does.

Dear Ted:
Any vices for the Harry Potter kids? You not-so-subtly hinted that Dan and Emma might have been more than friends at some point, but anything beyond that? How about Emma's crush on Tom Felton? Or non-romantic Vices? Not completely related, but I love Tom's jokes about being gay with various members the cast. They are jokes, aren't they?!
—The Daily Prophet

Dear Muggles Gone Wild:
Nope, that cast is totally Vice free. Kinda shocking, seeing there were like a gajillion friggin' flicks, no? But all the even kinda juicy stuff (hook ups and drinking and whatnot) was pretty tame. Tamest of all might be Tom, who is a jokester, not a closet case.

Dear Ted:
Call me crazy but I think Sofia Vergara is the Colombian Lucille Ball. Funny, sexy, loud voice, and a natural comedian all around.

Dear You're Crazy:
Kidding, Kristin. I actually kinda agree. And she's smart too. Sofia knows how to play this town like a fiddle.

Dear Ted:
I really can't get behind your casting of Lindsay Lohan as Jennifer North in Valley of the Dolls. Jennifer is supposed to be gorgeous with questionable talent, and poor Linds is talented but just cute-looking. She's not the type who would blow everyone away with her looks. What about someone like Brooklyn Decker or Kristin Cavallari? I think they could play the talentless-but-gorgeous Jennifer North role much more accurately.

Dear Cutie Patootie:
Even though LiLo's hard partying ways have taken a toll on her once gorge looks, she can still be dolled up pretty well. Plus, this town was built on smoke and mirrors. I agree Brooklyn and Kristin look the part, but I actually think it takes a lot more talent to play talentless.

Dear Ted:
Does Portia Vajazzle have any offspring? Seems like with all her sleeping around, she is bound to get knocked up. Am I right?

Dear Mommy Dearest:
Heavens no! She's is way more careful than that. She just wants movie roles, not mini Portias.

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