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Dear Ted:
I love Gossip Girl especially Leighton Meester. I think she is the only real talent on this show, so I have to ask why does Blake Lively always seem to be getting these big movie roles when Leighton isn't?

Dear Making a Lively-hood:
It's simple: Blake sells herself on and off screen. She doesn't mind the whole tabloid culture so she's mucho talked about. And being the talk of the town means your flick will get some buzz, whether it's good or a steaming pile of cinema garbage.

Dear Ted:
Glee gals Lea Michele and Dianna Agron were so close in the first season. Now they hardly ever get pictures together or seem that close. Is there any professional or personal rivalry between the ladies? I'm curious on why they do not appear together very much in public nowadays.

Dear New BFF on the Block:
Lea just found a new bestie who's way more her spitfire speed. Would it shock you if I said it's Naya Rivera? I'm sure it wouldn't.

Dear Ted:
It's happened. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are officially overexposed on all the gossip sites. I cannot stand to see the sight of them anymore. And, I get it, their fans are outta control and must be fed. I do think that there's a possibility for one or both of them to prove up some really award winning talent in the future, but I need a break from seeing so much gossip about them. Am I all alone in feeling this way?

Dear Keep on Scrolling:
The Robsten hype isn't dying down anytime soon, doll, hate to break it to ya. Especially now that Kristen doesn't have any trouble talking about her man openly. Here's hoping they'll stop sneaking around now and give us the PDA we've all been wanting—well, all of us except you, Holls.

Dear Ted:
I'm curious how it all works as far as Blind Vices (or any Hollywood secret) and the celebs "people." Say, for example, you revealed Nevis Divine, what exactly would happen (I mean, besides his fans literally waiting outside the E! offices to stone you to death)?
—Enquiring Mind

Dear Star Spangled Vicer:
We'd both survive, that's what would happen.

Dear Ted:
Seeing him rock the Charlie Sheen roast made me wonder what's up with my fave funny man, Seth MacFarlane. Is he single? Or is that rumor that he's dating Real World-er Trisha Cummings true? Or are they just, as Seth's pal Mila Kunis would say, FWB? Thanks for gossiping!

Dear Where's The Punch Line:
Ick, no. Tho Seth certainly isn't lonely these days. But that's a story for a different Vice.

Dear Ted:
My only question is this: Is the Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher breakup the real deal?

Dear Pretty Obvious:
Where there's smoke there's fire. And there's a lot of smoke this time, Noelle.

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