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Top Monster 16-split
Hollywood's Top Monster

Be honest, how many of you have had to dig out your old night-lights after voting in our terrifying Hollywood's Top Monster tournament? Maybe you should just keep the answer to yourself and get ready to rock Round 2 of voting!

The results of Round 1 are in, and don't freak out but Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen is out of the race...

Just kidding!

It was actually really close, though, against Sam Witwer's Aidan McCollin from Being Human, so if you're a fan you better step up to the tombstone!

It looks like the dead sexy bloodsucker Paul Wesley's Stefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries was no match against that annoying dead girl who just won't go away. Samara from The Ring crept her way to the winning spot at 60.5 percent.

Guess Charlize Theron's The Evil Queen isn't the fairest monster of them all, having lost to a gross boy. That hungry, hungry hippo Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter ate his competition with a whopping 68.9 percent lead.

Vote now in Round 2!

Make your picks in the poll below, if you dare. This is practically a life or death decision, so vote wisely and as many times as you'd like. Check back next week to see who creeps into Round 3!