Nicole Polizzi, Snooki, Mike Sorrentino, The Situation


Hell hath no furry like a seriously pissed-off Snooki! Just ask Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

In an exclusive sneak peek from tomorrow night's episode of the Jersey Shore, a brawl between the two almost leaves Mike with his second concussion of the season...

It all starts when Mike tricks his roommates into thinking that he had a friend contact Snooki's boyfriend to tell him Snooki's been cheating with Mike.

Needless to say, the pot-stirring prank sends Snooki into a rage filled with too many F-bombs to count.

"F--k you!" Snooki screams at Mike, before hurling a wine bottle across the room at him. She continues chasing him around the house, throwing whatever she can get her hands on at the six-packed stud.

"What's your problem?!" she yells. "I don't f--king like you! I f--king hate you!"

And things only go from bad to worse when Mike reveals it was all a joke and he never tried contacting Snooki's boyfriend in the first place.

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