Connor Paolo just can't get away from the crazy blondes, can he?

On Gossip Girl, Paolo played former bad girl Serena's (Blake Lively) younger brother, Eric van der Woodsen. He left that show to deal with another blonde, the revenge-seeking Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), on Revenge, ABC's new hit drama series. While we love seeing this new bad-boy side of Paolo, we can't help but miss Eric and his one-liners on the CW drama.

So will Eric ever return from Sarah Lawrence to grace the Upper East Side with his presence? Here's what Paolo himself told us...

Don't hold your breath.

We were recently on the L.A. set of Revenge, where Paolo told us he probably won't be appearing on Gossip Girl anytime soon. "I'm a full-time character on a different series. It's also shooting across the country, so it's not much of a crossover," he says. "I also think there is some sort of a clause about not being able to be on two conflicting networks at once because then there is fan wars.

"People begin rap rivalries," he jokes.

So how has the transition from GG to Revenge been for Paolo? "Very easy...they are a fantastic group of people."

Paolo admits that the response from fans of each show are pretty different, due in large part to where the they film.

"It's interesting just coming from New York and Gossip Girl. I took the subway every day, you get [fan reaction] on a very different level [than] L.A., where you don't really see people," he explains. "Even if I was on set all day in New York I'd still bump into people on the way home or just going to the store; here if I'm on set all day and don't see anybody but these guys."

Would you like to see Paolo return to Gossip Girl? Are you enjoying him as Declan on Revenge? Sound off in the comments! And be sure to come back for video from our chat with the rest of the Revenge cast.

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