During last night's surprising results show, audiences said goodbye to Kristin Cavallari and partner Mark Ballas, even though their scores from Monday tied them for second place.

But as we all know, it takes more than scores—like promising that Cher will show up—to keep your bedazzled behind on the ballroom floor.

So were the remainig couples as stunned as the viewers? And who is feeling guilty, knowing he probably should have been the one to go?

"[It's] very traumatic," Carson Kressley told us after the show. "I almost feel like I have survivor's remorse. It just goes to show you how anything can happen on Dancing with the Stars…When you're up there with people who are really talented and good, you think, 'Well, it's not going to be them. It's going to be us. I guess that's the end of the line for us.' But thank God it wasn't and thank you for voting, America!"

And let's just say it's a good thing Cheryl Burke and Lacey Schwimmer didn't wager any money on last night's outcome.

"During the break," Cheryl tells us. "I was like, 'Mark, don't worry about it,' because he was nervous. And I was like, 'Don't worry, you'll be fine."


And Lacey, who received the lowest score Monday night with partner Chaz, said the two went so far as to plan their exit-interview wardrobe! "Not expecting it and super grateful. We definitely brought outfits [in case we had] to go to Jimmy Kimmel."

Hope Solo, who also landed in the bottom three, said she's psyched about what lies ahead for next week: "I feel very relieved and happy that we're staying for another week. And next week I cannot wait to dance as Jesse and Woody from Toy Story 3!"

That oughtta be...something.

Also set for next week: Julianne Hough performs with her Footloose co-star Kenny Wormald and, we're guessing Cher will be in the house?

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