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    Hollywood's Hottest Body Parts! Who's Got the Best Dimples?

    Cameron Diaz, Chace Crawford, Kellan Lutz, Cheryl Cole Getty Images; WireImage

    Hope you're feeling cheeky today!

    No human feature is more endearing than dimples, so today we bring you—as part of our Hollywood's Hottest Body Parts tournament—four celebs lucky enough to have won the genetic lottery.

    So who flaunts the best dimples in Tinsel Town?

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    Cameron Diaz, Chace Crawford, Kellan Lutz, Cheryl Cole Getty Images; WireImage

    If a blonde bombshell's what you're looking for, Cameron Diaz may just be your girl. The newly-single star sets hearts ablaze with her mega-watt smile, but is it Cam's dimples that deserve all the credit?

    Or maybe it's an innocent-but-oh-so-sexy grin you're into? If so, then pay attention Upper East Siders, because one glance at Chace Crawford's dapper dimples might just call for a Gossip Girl blast.

    Onto the next cheeky contender, Cheryl Cole, who is definitely bringing The X-Factor with her adorable grin. After all, she was nicknamed after her trademark feature by her DWTS partner Derek Hough, but is Ms. Cole your choice for the hottest dimples in H'wood?

    But let's not forget, Kellan Lutz is a fierce contender for every hot body part in this tourney. And shockingly enough, it's not those biceps that give K.L. confidence—instead, the Twilight hunk credits his dimples as his best feature (luckily we love every part of him).

    So what say you, Awful readers? Whose cheeky grin has got you weak in the knees?

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