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Is Hugh Jackman all brawn and no brains?

The hunky action star is quick to show off his bulging biceps in his action flicks (or in the wrestling ring, or strutting his stuff on the beach), but when we caught up with Hugh and his personal on set boxing coach Sugar Ray Leonard at the Real Steal premiere, they were both happy to clear the air:

"I think [Sugar Ray] was expecting just another dumb actor," Hugh told us about training for the fight flick (which, in case you don't know, is about boxing robots). "I'd done some boxing. But he needed to chop me up."

Hmm, wonder which less-than-brilliant actors Hugh's talking about? We've got some suspicions, but we'll keep them to ourselves. Especially since Sugar was tres impressed by his costar.

"Hugh wanted to show that he could do it and it takes concentration," Sugar Ray gushed about the X-Men hunk.

Whatever, we're just thrilled he looks totally buff for the big screen. Not that we were expecting anything else.

Oh, and as for those boxing robots, we had to ask Sugar if he wished he had a machine to duke it out for him back when he was in the ring:

"Not when I was boxing but now, more than ever," the heavyweight joked with us. "I would use that robot for carpooling."

Great idea, Sugar! Especially with the traffic here in L.A., which is totally hideous, thanks to all those humanoids.

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