Forget about all those rumors of the Glee set being full of divas and frenemies. Jane Lynch is here to gush about the men she works with!

A certain Glee star just happens to be her hero, and another is one of her "favorite people in life." Plus, Lynch gives us her theories on if a little Sue Sylvester lives inside her…

When we spoke with the Emmy-host about her new book, Happy Accidents, she told us that she included one of her heroes within the pages of her memoir: Chris Colfer. "In full view of the public eye he has allowed his own sexual orientation to be known not only to himself, but to the world completely publicly," she says. "And his character is going through the same thing and he has done it with such grace and such style and with such maturity that's really beyond his years."

Glee, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison

Michael Yarish/FOX

And you know how much Will Schuester and Sue truly and deeply hate each other on Glee? It's exactly the opposite for Matthew Morrison and Jane. "He's perhaps one of my favorite people in life," she reveals to us. "He's a very funny, witty but completely without cynicism guy and I love locking eyes with him everyday. I love seeing him everyday and I have great affection for him. And he's so darn talented and so charming!"

Locking eyes with the gorgeous and charming Matt Morrison every day? Consider us officially jealous of Jane's life, even more so than before.

Another thing to be jealous of is the fact that she's allowed to get all her mean girl energy out every day through her character. We'd kill to say some of the things that Jane gets to on Glee, and she lets us in on a little secret: some of that anger isn't just acting.

"I think in order to play anything you have to find it inside of you," she tells us. "I don't think it comes of as truthful or genuine if you're reaching out here for it. So yes, Sue Sylvester indeed lives in me. Perhaps I don't lead with her 100 percent of the time."

How about you guys? Does a little Sue Sylvester live in you? And don't forget (as if), an all new episode of Glee airs tomorrow on Fox.

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