Camila Grey, Leisha Hailey

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The L Word star Leisha Hailey is claiming that she and her girlfriend were kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for kissing on the plane. The initial response from the airline has suggested that several passengers were complaining about the couple's affectionate actions. Clearly these passengers didn't realize that when two girls make out, most people would consider it an in-flight bonus. It's at least better than watching Something Borrowed for the ninth time.   

Supposedly when asked to stop, an argument began to brew, which led to the lovers' removal.  I'm ad-libbing, but you get the idea. I definitely don't think that people should be kicked off a flight for kissing, although I don't understand what it is about a plane that makes people so horny. Once I settle into my seat, get yelled at for texting, have a baby scream in my face and try to cover up the gas I just released, I'm usually too wiped out to think about getting porked.

The person that probably made this the biggest issue is the flight attendant who had to stop making out with his boyfriend in order to ask these two gal pals to cool it.

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