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Two shows looks like superstars. One show looks like a real superstar. And one show looks an awful lot like Lone Star—and not in a good, critically acclaimed way, either.

A comprehensive look at where fall TV's newcomers stand after the first week of the new season: 

Note: Shows are listed in order of how high, or not, they rated among 18-to-49-year-old viewers.


2 Broke Girls

New Girl

It must be a Girl thing. 


New Girl  

Its debut was derived from its own good buzz, savvy marketing and/or Zooey Deschanel's general lovability. 2 Broke Girls' performance might've been for real, too, but thanks to Two and a Half Men's Super Bowl-esque performance, no one will ever know, until, that is, the latest Monday night ratings come in this morning. (Update: On its own, airing in front of, and not behind Men last night, 2 Broke Girls put up great numbers. So, yeah, this show's pretty real.) 


The X Factor

It doesn't look like Dancing With the Stars is going to be American Idol of the fall anymore.




Pan Am

Person of Interest

The good news is that, last fall, these shows' ratings would've landed them in the Top 30. The bad news is, last fall, Top 30 premieres didn't save $#*! My Dad Says, The Event and Outsourced from eventual cancellation.



Up All Night

Charlie's Angels

Unforgettable wasn't in the demographic league of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, its A-list lead-ins, but it owned its time slot, so it's on the borderline of the elite. Charlie's Angels had no lead-in and not much luck in luring young adults away from The X Factor and The Big Bang Theory, its A-list competition, so it's on the borderline of the endandered. Up All Night, which was on its second episode, fell between these two shows, but feels like a keeper, especially with half of NBC's returning Thursday comedies drawing even lower ratings.


Prime Suspect

The Playboy Club

A Gifted Man

Free Agents

Not to get too technical, but each of these shows drew a sub-2.0 demo rating, a usually fatal development for an ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox series. Last fall, Lone Star started off with a lonely 1.3, and was gone a week later. This time around, A Gifted Man started off with a 1.4. Even worse, Free Agents,  in its second outing, fell to Lone Star depths.


Pretty much all hope for a new smash hit, or even just a freshman show with a discernible audience, is riding on Rachel Bilson's Hart of Dixie, which premiered last night. (Update: Um, after looking at Hart of Dixie's numbers, or lack thereof, maybe Ringer is/was the new smash hit?)  

Here's a rundown of the TV week's Top 10 most-watched shows, per the just-released Nielsen rankings:

  1. Two and a Half Men, 28.7 million viewers
  2. Sunday Night Football, 20.4 million viewers
  3. NCIS, 20 million viewers
  4. 2 Broke Girls, 19.4 million viewers
  5. Dancing With the Stars (Monday), 19 million viewers
  6. NCIS: Los Angeles, 16.7 million viewers
  7. Sunday Night Football Pre-Kick, 16 million viewers
  8. The Big Bang Theory (8:30 p.m., Thursday), 14.9 million viewers
  9. Dancing With the Stars (Tuesday), 14.8 million viewers
  10. Modern Family (9 p.m., Wednesday), 14.5 million viewers
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