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    Naked Truth: Pantsless X Factor Guy Insists He Wasn't Nude

    THE X FACTOR, Geo Godley Ray Mickshaw / FOX

    Geo Godley has gotten a lot of heat for his stomach churning (if you're Paula Abdul, that is) performance on Simon Cowell's The X Factor," but he wants to make one thing clear—he wasn't naked!

    "I was covered up," Godley tells E! News. Godley, the adopted son of an ex-U.S. ambassador, said he was wearing a G-string, but you couldn't tell from the way editors censored the performance.

    So why did he take off his pants in the first place?

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    "It was just for novelty! It's my best song, and it's well suited to do what I did," Godley says. "If I had done a romantic song, that would have been inappropriate." He said it was a calculated to take off his pants and flaunt the G-string. "It wasn't a last-minute thing. The only thing is that I didn't want to show my behind!"

    Godley wrote the song, "I'm a Stud," 10 years ago. He said he's been making music for over 30 years, but this was his best song. He insists he wasn't making a joke out of the performance. Well, at least not entirely.

    "I invested a lot of money in producing that song. It's on iTunes. I took it very seriously, as well as joking about it. I consider it a good song and a hit—it could be a hit if I get it out there. It was a serious attempt to sell it," Godley said.

    Godley said he doesn't regret the incident, but he doesn't like all the negative comments he's getting on his Youtube channel.

    "When I saw the comments accusing me of indecent exposure to minors, that's just not the case. And that's a crime, so obviously anyone would be concerned about that," Godley said.

    Godley says despite the judges' reaction to his performance, he will keep on making music.

    "Yes, but I don't just want to limit myself to music," Godley said.

    "I just want to be a successful Youtuber and blogger. If you don't get a break, you're screwed," he said.

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