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    Five Other Can't-Miss Star Wars Goodies (Not Counting the New Box Set)

    You've debated the new additions. (Noooooo!) You've dissected the deleted scenes (wampas, anyone?). And you're not alone.

    According to Lucasfilm and Fox, 1 million copies of the newly released ginormous Blu-ray set Star Wars: The Complete Saga were snapped up worldwide in its first week on sale, generating $84 million. That includes 515,000 and $38 million in North America alone.

    So now what? If you're like us, you're hankering for more Han Solo, jonesing for more Jedi action and salivating for any new Skywalker scoop.

    We've got you covered. We put our finest Force-fueled minds together for five more Star Wars things to check out ASAP.

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    1. Star Wars Begins, Building Empire and Returning to Jedi: Consider this the original trilogy films remixed. Director Jambe Davdar has combined extremely rare archival footage, alternate takes, behind-the-scenes shots and audio from the cast and crew to create the ultimate fan experience. These are a must-see for every Star Wars fan. Better yet, they're free. (Jambe Davdar's YouTube channel.)

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    2. The Clone Wars: Some fans argue convincingly that the Cartoon Network's animated take on the Star Wars galaxy is better than the movie prequels that spawned the series. Last season started to take a dark turn, and this season promises to pick up that theme, as Anakin becomes more conflicted. The fourth season just kicked off last week with a star turn from original trilogy player Ackbar, back before he was promoted to admiral. (Fridays at 8 p.m., Cartoon Network.)

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    3. Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace: Aside from The Clone Wars, the ongoing Lego Star Wars series of toys, games and online shorts has justifiably been hugely popular. Now, the folks that brought you Star Wars in 2 Minutes are back with a hilarious half-hour special appealing to fans of all ages. The DVD/Blu-ray set includes four official Lego Star Wars shorts and (score!) an exclusive minifig version of a kid Han Solo. ($20; available now.)

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    LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar LEGO

    4. Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar: Speaking of Legos, this year the brick-brainiacs have expanded their advent calendar line with a Star Wars-specific collection, containing miniature versions of ships from across the saga and a whole bunch of awesome minifigs, including a Santa-channeling Yoda. This definitely makes up for the Star Wars Holiday Special. ($40,

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    5. The People vs. George Lucas: Alexandre O. Philippe's look at the intense love-hate fandom surrounding Star Wars features an entire section dedicated to the much-loathed changes Lucas made to the original trilogy back in 1997, as well as the polarized reaction to the prequels (we're looking at you, Jar Jar). But that's balanced by lovingly produced fan shorts and testimonials by the likes of Francis Ford Coppola and Neil Gaiman. ($28; available now on Video On Demand and coming to DVD Oct. 25.)

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