We're happy to watch Ted Danson be quirky any night of the week, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. included.

The Emmy winner made his CSI debut tonight as D.B. Russell, the new night boss over at the Vegas crime lab who, like Gil Grissom once upon a time, has more than a bit of method to his madness.

And, unlike everyone he works with, he's a happily married family man who takes phone calls from his wife while peering at dead bodies.

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While obviously Danson excels as a bad guy (see: Damages' sociopathic Arthur Frobisher), we prefer him in lovable Bored to Death mode—and it's looking as if his latest gig is a perfect fit.

"It's basically Sam Malone sees dead people," is how Danson himself described the role.

Hey, everybody already knows his name, so why not?

Let us know what you think of Ted Danson on CSI and whether he's a better William Petersen replacement than Laurence Fishburne was. Then, get a load of the dozens of stars who've graced the set in both bit and big roles over its 11 seasons.

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