Russell Armstrong, Taylor Armstrong

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So True So False, STSF

People grieve in different ways—that much we can all recognize.

But would The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong really see fit to mourn the loss of her estranged husband Russell Armstrong by wearing his wedding ring?

After all, this is a man from whom she was already separated—and not particularly amicably, from the sounds of it—when he committed suicide last month. Pair that with her renewed courage in outing his allegedly horribly physically abusive behavior toward her, and it certainly seems less likely.

So is it true? Is Taylor really wearing Russell's old wedding ring? Believe it or not, this rumor is…

So true!

During her lengthy and emotional sitdown with Entertainment Tonight this week, her first interview in the wake of Russell's death, the subject of Armstrong's double banded ring finger came up.

"I'm now wearing his wedding ring and mine together," she explained. "Right now I'm still doing anything I can to figure out how to get close to him.

"I still have the last shirt he wore before the night of, and sometimes I sit in my closet with it, 'cause maybe I think I'm gonna get insight, or maybe I just need to feel close to him."

Now that we can understand. Particularly in the wake of Taylor being denied immediate closure after the tragedy.

"I asked the…and I'm sure a lot of people won't understand this…but I asked the emergency workers if I could go in and hug him before they took him away, but they wouldn't let me," she told ET. "I just felt like I needed to see him one last time, but they wouldn't let me."

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