Alex Pettyfer

Gaz Shirley/Kevin Perkins,

So it's not a teeny, tiny g-string...yet. But we still like what we see.

Paparazzi caught Alex Pettyfer showing off his way sculpted six pack in a pair of skimpy little briefs on the set of Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike.

And if this is how Alex is looking these days, can you just imagine what those other dudes are ready to show off?

'Cause we hear the whole flick is a competition for best abs.

"The guys are all working out like fiends," an on-set source spilled to us. "They're eating pure protein and no carbs to be extra lean."

And if the nudie competition is inspiring dudes like Joe "Eight Pack" Manganiello and Matt "Dreamy Eyes and Washboard Abs" Bomer to get even more buff, well, this might just be our favorite movie ever.

Especially since one of them might have to show it all.

Speaking of full frontal fun, just how sexy have the scenes gotten so far?

While costar Olivia Munn has said that boys are already shakin' it in their banana hammocks, we hear things are only going to get hotter.

"Things have been pretty mellow so far," our set spy dishes. "They wanted to ease into everything."

Ease away, boys. Just as long as you get to the money shots eventually.

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