Long before Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth, director Guillermo Del Toro wowed us with his sci-fi horror flick Mimic.

But don't just take our word for it.

In this exclusive first look at a previoulsy unreleased behind-the-scenes clip (from 1997!) featured on the movie's upcoming Blu-ray, some of the film's stars had nothing but kind things to say about their creative leader.

"I was very taken by the originality of the script," says a much-younger looking Josh Brolin. "I'm blown away with how he's interpreted it onto film."

Costar Mira Sorvino, meanwhile, expressed her interest in collaborating with del Toro after seeing his first film, Cronos. "I just fell in love with his work and I just thought this is going to be really masterful," she said.

And, in hindsight, Charles S. Dutton pretty much nailed it on the head when he commented on what lies between del Toro's ears. "I imagine that Guillermo has all these monsters and dinosaurs and little creatures in his mind chewing up things and biting things," he said. "So, from a visual aspect, you really see where he's going with the movie."

See for yourself when Mimic: The Director's Cut is released next Tuesday.

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