The story that Chaz Bono had extra security detail on Dancing With the Stars has been floating around the net recently. And with all the backlash his casting brought on, we definitely believed the reports.

But since we talked with all the contestants after last night's DWTS premiere, we had to get to the bottom of the security story with Bono. Plus, we asked the rest of the cast if they thought they would be sticking around for one more week...

"I don't have extra security here," Bono insists to us. "Not me personally."

Sure, there's probably lots of security guards around to guard all the sequinced jumpsuits, but it sounds like Bono is being treated the way he wants to be treated: like everybody else.

"I was genuinely rooting and wanting everybody to do a great job," he told us about watching others perform. And after he finally took the stage and got a big reaction? "It was really hard to really take in at that point because I was so in the world of the dance."

Ricki Lake, who's lost an astonishing eight inches since starting the show, proclaims herself to be the "Kirstie Alley of this season!" She adds: "I feel better. It's nice to work muscles you never even knew you had. [Derek] is able to lift me!"

But will her whittling waistline and superstar partner secure her a spot in next week's show? "I hope I'm safe. I don't want to be too confident. I think I did a good job and I love my partner. I hope we stick around."

Meanwhile, Iraq war vet turned soap star J.R. Martinez told us that he's "confident" they'll be back to dance next week. Maybe that's because he has Karina Smirnoff as his partner, who seems be working him hard during rehearsal.

"She's prettier than my drill instructor, I'll say that," Martinez laughs to us. "So it makes it hard to take her seriously completely. But she's tough."

Smirnoff then jumped in with: "He hasn't seen anything yet!"

Your turn! Who do you think is going home tonight? Which pairs are frontrunners in your book? Let loose in the comments!

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