Marla Sokoloff

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Think pink!

Actress Marla Sokoloff and her hubby of almost two years, Alex Puro, are expecting their first child together, and have revealed that they'll be having a little girl.

"In all honesty, I had no preference in regards to gender; I just wanted the little peanut to be healthy. (Truly — I'm not just being politically correct here.) But I must admit, when I heard that we were having a girl — my heart skipped a beat," she writes.

"Images of bubblegum pink and sweet little dresses filled my brain and I could hardly stand my excitement! (Side note: If you ask my husband, she will be a tomboy, so we are clearly on different pages as far as her style goes.)"

The starlet has been sharing her excitement with all her followers on Twitter, but now, you can follow along on her pregnancy journey since she's been named celebrity blogger for People.

You might remember Sokoloff as that young, mischevious girl named Gia from Full House that proved to be a bad influence on the Tanner sisters, but more recently she's been tied to her role on The Practice and her musical venture as a singer in her latest album Grateful.

But now, her newest job title will be mommy.


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