If Ryan Seacrest ever needs a stand-in for one of his many hosting gigs, we think we've found the guy to fill his shoes: Will Arnett.

The funnyguy and his equally funny wife, Amy Poehler, hit the red carpet for the 63rd Emmy Awards, and while Ryan was busy making sure Betty White exited the platform safely, Will stepped in to make sure the interviews kept coming. So how'd he do?

Well, aside from (jokingly) mistaking his wife's name as Gary Poehler, we'd have to say the Up All Night star did pretty well. He kept things fun and fresh, and Ryan couldn't help but look on approvingly as Will handled his duties.

But when Ryan finally did retake his spot, Arnett was quick to give him props: "How hard is it...what Ryan does?!" he exclaimed to his wife. "Ryan does this every day. It's so hard what you do. You're great."

Nothing like getting some recognition for all your hard work, huh, Ryan? Especially from someone like Will who knows the demands of putting on a performance.

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