Alexis Dziena


If only she could call in a favor from Vinnie Chase and the boys.

Alexis Dziena, who starred in ABC's Invasion but is best known for playing E's (Kevin Connolly) obsessive ex-gal-pal on HBO's Entourage, has lost her bid for a restraining order against her parents after the actress accused them earlier this month of wanting to commit "murder or violence" in order to gain control of her finances.

Here's the scoop.

Dziena's asked a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to grant the order, claiming her mother and father became physical with her and threatened her when she tried to cut them off of access to the money she's earned in her budding Hollywood career.

"I fear that [my dad] will do anything to get my money in his hands," the thesp says in court documents obtained by E! News. "I believe murder or violence or manipulation are all possible outcomes."

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Alexis states that her dad has made her fear for her safety "in his attempt to have me committed in order to gain control of my finances."

In her petition she alleged that she "attempted to take back financial papers" and then "he grabbed me by the arm and tried to grab my personal financial information," causing bruises.

She also claims her dad blew much of the cash she had given him on booze and porn.

"After I found out that he purchased three pay-per-view movies on my Time Warner cable bill, I confronted him. He reacted extremely aggressively, then verbally and emotionally abused me, saying that I was 'a stupid, ungrateful bitch, that I was a 'f--king liar' and that I 'deserved what was coming to me,' " she says.

But the judge didn't buy her allegations and this week turned down her request, citing insufficient evidence.

There's still hope, however. Alexis Dziena is expected to go before the court on Oct. 3 to make her case in person.

Aside from her stint as Ashley Brooks on the sixth season of Entourage, Alexis also costarred in the 2008 flicks Fool's Gold and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

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