Jersey Shore, Deena, Snooki

Ian Spanier/MTV

Believe it or not, the crazy kids over at the Jersey Shore can still surprise us.

Take for instance, tomorrow night's episode—it features a boozy makeout session between Snooki and Deena...

They really go at it. Mouths are open and tongues are swapping spit.

"I love making out," Snooki says. "I'm the best kisser, I think, in this whole planet."

JWoww wasn't impressed. "Nicole and Deena are digesting each other's tongues!" she says during a recap of the evening. "I am so skeeved out. I want to throw up."

And if the two locking lips wasn't enough, they get into some serious girl-on-girl dancing. Vinny says, "Deena is on top of Nicole and she's not wearing underwear."

We think we'll leave it at that.

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