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Whoever thought it would get this pathetic: The love lives of Sookie Stackhouse vs. Snooki!

Both broads have a mucho talked-about romances and a bevy of boys at their disposal. But while Snook seems to have settled down with her BF, Jionni, True Blood's Sookie dropped a bombshell in the finale and decided to dump both Bill and Eric.

WTF, isn't this backwards?

Here's how we see it:

Sookie and Bill are the real deal—if you're not Team Compton, then you're way out of the loop.

We know you're all into her smoldering sitch with Eric, but in a game of Ditch, Do, or Marry, we'd totally tie the knot with Bill, bang Joe Manganiello's six packed werewolf Alcide, and kill off old Eric. Sorry, Alexander Skarsgård!

And now we hear that Sookie is going to be staying single... for a while! What a crime.

On the other hand, former wild child Snooki is totally doing the whole domestic thing now.

Whereas she used to hit the hot tub with the most juiced-out dudes at the shore, she's now talking about making babies with one par-tick guido. What happened to the pint-sized player we knew and loved?

So do you like Sookie's independent streak and Snooki's serious relaysh? Or should Sookie hook up with Bill and let Snooki take on the dating world one dance club at a time?

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