He's ba-aaack! And Rizzoli is not a happy camper.

Hoyt (Michael Massee), the serial killer who once captured Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and pinned her to the floor with scalpels (ouch!), is making his return to Rizzoli & Isles in the season finale tonight, and to say she is shaken by his reappearance is a major understatement. Heck, we got goosebumps just hearing his voice again!

Rizzoli and her partner, Dr. Isles (Sasha Alexander), come face-to-face with Hoyt while at the hospital, and although he's a patient and looking a little worse for wear, he's still as creepy and chilling as ever. And guess what? Hoyt seems to have a message for Rizzoli.

What's the message? Press play on the above video and then head on over to the comments with your theories!

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