Someone liked playing king for a day.

As Head of Household heading into tonight's episode of Big Brother, Adam Poch was already assured a spot in the final three. And, with that established, it was his job to make the final eviction nominations of the season.

But first, his bacon fetish...

As HoH, finally, Adam was treated to numerous creature comforts that had been missing from his life, like a photo of his girlfriend and a hefty slab of bacon in the fridge—to go with all his bacon-themed souvenirs.

Powered by pork, he pulled the big red key to reveal that Rachel Reilly was off the block (she was already wearing sequins, so no need to change into something celebratory) and he had nominated Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and fellow newbie Porsche Briggs for eviction.

Jordan was gunning for either herself or Rachel to win Power of Veto as they headed into the yard to match up blocks containg the names of all the season 13 housemates alongside a board full of trivia questions.

But alas for the newfangled dynamic duo, Porsche answered everything right, stacked her blocks the quickest and won PoV and the sole eviction vote of the night.

"This game is so hard," Rachel sobbed, feeling awfully sorry about not only seeing her original partner, Brendan Villegas, get evicted, but also about the game being ripped out from under her on day 69.

At the eviction meeting, Rachel reminded Porsche that she had saved her last time, while Jordan pretty much gave a goodbye speech.

"I hope my family's not disappointed," she said. "I hope Jeff's family's not disappointed. I tried to win it this time again for the both of us, but it just wasn't in the cards. Good luck to everybody."

Her words were well-founded, because Jordan was subsequently evicted.

"He had to put up somebody," Jordan shrugged when host Julie Chen asked why she seemed so forgiving of being put out to pasture. Of Shelley's betrayal, the newest member of the jury regretted "playing too personal."

"I got caught up in her niceness, kinda like mom away from home, and I felt really comfortable with her," Jordan recalled. "But you can't trust anybody in here!"

Words to live by in the Big Brother house, indeed.

In the meantime, Rachel, Adam and Porsche still have a shot at the $500,000 grand prize. The season 13 finale airs next Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.

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