Bachelor Pad Cast


If you can't find love in a house full of reality TV show contestants, where can you find it?

E! News has confirmed that two folks from this season of Bachelor Pad have gotten engaged. And thankfully, it's not Jake and Vienna

It's Holly Durst and Blake Julian! The 28-year-olds are going to try and beat the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad odds and head down the aisle.

She might have voted him off on this week's episode, but that doesn't mean those two crazy kids can't find forever love. The note she gave him during the rose ceremony promising that they weren't done turned out to be very true. Now that's a reality TV happy ending for the ages.

Will we see an on-camera proposal between Blake and Holly? We'll find out on the three-house season finale of Bachelor Pad this coming Monday on ABC.

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