Brigdet Marquardt

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Former Playboy model and Girl's Next Door star Bridget Marquardt revealed to Star magazine that while she was living at the Playboy mansion, she had her eggs frozen. If you don't know who I'm talking about, she's the one who is not Holly or Kendra. She's the one nobody really talks about—like Sporty Spice. This is also probably why she's calling up Star to discuss her frozen eggs. Bridget, 37, said that a few years ago she decided to have the harvesting done to "insure" she had "a little more time" to have kids. It's not a great sign when you're 34 and you think your only option is to freeze your eggs and keep porking a man in his 80s. That's also not a great sign for her unborn child's future. She does have a long-term boyfriend which is good, since revealing this kind of information on could hinder your dating pool. I'm a hopeless romantic, so I actually hope this brings her and Hef back together. Now they have even more in common—she has frozen eggs and from lack of circulation, he has frozen feet.

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