Alexander Skarsgaard

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Kate Bosworth who?

Although True Blood stud Alexander Skarsgård recently split with his former girlfriend, he seemed to be rebounding just fine while partying in the Hamptons over the holiday weekend.

A bevy of beauties approached the actor while he was drinking Coronas at The Surf Lodge in Montauk late Sunday night, and one bold brunette gets points for creativity for this pickup line.

"How does it feel to be the sexiest man alive?" she was overheard asking him. His response?

"I am?" he replied. Pretty humble, eh?

Or maybe not so much...In between taking photos with eager fans, Skars was also spotted chatting up a blonde. "I'm in New York for two months," he told her. "Let's f--king hang!"

Good to see he's making new friends in his latest location.

Although he spent the night talking to lots of ladies, he seemed particularly close to one girl in his party and departed with their group around 3:45 a.m. The night before, he was spotted at Southpointe nightclub as well.

The brunette Alex seemed especially friendly with is Alexandra Keating, daughter of the former Prime Minister of Australia. She was also partying with her brother and socialite sister Katherine, who's been linked to celebrities herself, including Andre Balazs and Brandon Davis.

Just down the road, another celeb was partying nearby. Vanessa Hudgens was spotted hanging at the bar over at Ruschmeyer's Hotel that same night, but managed to remain under the radar for the most part.

The Kardashian sisters had a quieter weekend in the Hamptons. Kourtney and Khloé stayed at Scott Disick's family's Southampton estate and opted to skip the social scene in favor of some R&R.

As for Kim and Kris? They celebrated the holiday with the Humphries clan in Minnesota.

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