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If Jersey Shore's Angelina Pavarnick has her way she might put celebrity gossip reporters out of business! For anyone that follows celebrity news, you might have noticed that we spend a fair amount of time covering cheating scandals. And now Angelina has informed me exclusively that she wants to put an end to home-wrecking and divorces.

Angelina, who considers herself a reformed cheater, is now a paid endorser of an anti-cheating website, Cheaterville.com. Angelina says in a video advertising the site, "I think that if you cheat you should get caught, you should be dumped for it and you should be abused." (The Situation and J Woww better watch out!!!)

Angelina adds, "Everybody that's cheating out there you guys need to stop because everybody's getting divorces, everybody's like home-wrecking. It's f--ked up."

Check out Angelina's anti-cheating rant in the video above.

—With additional reporting by Sheena Rao