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    Are Britney Spears' Top-Secret Medical Records Going to Be Made Public?

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    Britney Spears
    Britney Spears RTBS/GSI Media

    Just because she's a public figure doesn't mean the public gets to examine Britney Spears' medical history.

    That's according to a Los Angeles judge, who has denied a request from a company called Brand Sense to gain access to the popster's medical information in an effort to collect evidence for a lawsuit it's bringing against Spears over a perfume deal.

    Something stinks here.

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    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz ruled that Brand Sense lacked standing to bring the request, not to mention the records were protected by privacy statutes.

    Brand Sense sued the Oops! girl in March for $10 million, claiming her camp went behind its back and screwed the company out of a 35 percent cut of the royalties from Britney's Elizabeth Arden fragrance deal.

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    Since the 29-year-old "Toxic" singer remains under a conservatorship run by father Jamie Spears and her legal eagles, who have control over her money and business affairs, a separate judge decided last month that the brand-marketing firm could not depose Spears because she's not competent to testify on her own behalf.  

    Brand Sense's lawyers hoped to show otherwise, but their petition fell on deaf ears with the judge.

    Conservatorship attorney Andrew Wallet successfully argued that Brand Sense was not entitled to the medical records because they did not demonstrate any interest in the personal welfare of Ms. Spears other than their "selfish" interest in obtaining her deposition.

    Her Honor agreed.

    Goetz said that Brand Sense was seeking access to the records not out of interest for Spears welfare but only for reasons that were "adverse for Ms. Spears."  The judge also looked visibly angry, saying she knew Brand Sense said "the conservatorship was a sham," an assertion not supported by facts.

    No word whether the company will appeal the ruling.

    Now that Britney's back on track, performing again and recently receiving a VMAs tribute, we just have to ask: Just how much longer is she going to be under conservatorship?

    —Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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