Rebecca Black, Katy Perry

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Don't lie, you still get Rebecca Black's viral hit "Friday" stuck in your head every weekend.

And thanks to celebrity pal Katy Perry, it doesn't look like the YouTube star is going anywhere anytime soon. But things haven't always been fun (fun, fun, fun) for the tween chick, so when we caught up with her at the VMAs, we wanted to know if she'd ever consider writing a tune about all those bloggers who bitched about her.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t do that,” she giggled when we asked her if she’d pen a diddy to get back at her haters.

Remember, after “Friday” hit the net, R.B.’s über-catchy middle school party anthem was dubbed "the worst song ever." And that was one of the nicers comments made about the wannabe superstar. So we’d totally understand if she wanted to get in the last laugh.

But seems she’s too sweet for that ‘cause even when we asked her what’d she’d name the song if she did write it, she was adorably clueless.

Rebecca laughed, “Oh my gosh, I don’t even want to know. I don’t even know if there would be a name for those type of people.”

We can think of a few words you can use, Becky. Well, maybe in a few years, anyway.

As for her famous pal (and video costar) Katy, she seems to think Rebecca is destined for great things.

Rebecca clued us in on some advice K.P. gave her, saying, “She really just said, stay grounded. Because I feel like—and she feels like—you can go so far, but what you really need to remember is where you came from.”

Which is YouTube, tho we don’t think anyone will forget that.

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