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Degrassi Fan Favorite Munro Chambers Teases "Tear-Jerking" Finale (Plus a Sneak Peek!)

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Degrassi Courtesy of Teen Nick

We'll say this for Degrassi's Munro Chambers: Dude knows how to promote a finale.

"It's going to be tear-jerking, your heart's going to be racing a mile a minute, and it's going to be intense."

See, we told you! We just chatted with the fan favorite about everything: Prom, "Eclare," "Imogeli," Eli's recent bipolar diagnosis) his eyeliner-wearing ways and his dream replacement for Eli's hearse, Morty.

Oh, and that little rumor going around that Eli's BFF Adam (Jordan Todosey) is the Degrassian in danger in the finale...

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Turns out, Munro is just as good at deflecting questions as he is at promoting finales. (Seriously. He even coined an avoidance jingle during our interview: "It's a long season. Anything can happen. It's Degrassi!" Learn it, live it, love it, Degrassi fans.)

"There's a lot of people who are at this prom. You will notice everyone in the Grade 12 class and almost everyone from the Grade 11 class is there," Munro teased when we brought up the Adam rumor. "This halfway season finale is going to end with a bang 100 percent."

Although Munro calls playing crazy Eli his "dream," he's glad his character is finally getting help after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. "He's trying to get better. He knows he needs to get better, he understands it. I think he's on the right path now," Munro said. "I'm happy for him because I feel like he's been crazy for a long time. I'm glad he's found peace in a way, not complete peace, but he's starting to get better."

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So is Munro going to miss Crazy Eli? "Of course I am! I always miss him," he said.  "But it's a long season, so who knows? Maybe he'll fall off the horse, you never know."

Our personal favorite cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Eli moment was when he crashed his beloved Morty (rest in peace!) in the name of (psychotic) love. Turns out, we're not the only ones missing Morty. "When I first drove it, it was way too big for me," Munro said. "I'm not that tall of a guy, so I'm just this little guy driving this big ole hearse. I grew to love it."

Munro's ideal replacement car? "Maybe the Batmobile. The Batmobile with some skulls on it. That'd be cool." Cool is an understatement, Munro. Try epic.

Speaking of epic, we also talked to Munro about this season's über-popular pastry love triangle: Eclare vs. Cake. Now that Eli is on his meds and helped Clare (Aislinn Paul) and Jake (Justin Kelly) say their first I-love-you's in a sweat lodge (seriously), Munro is glad the trio can, at the very least, be civil with each other.

Degrassi Courtesy of Teen Nick

On the Jake front, Munro said, "I'm really happy Jake and Eli are becoming civil with each other. I don't know how far they'll go. Jake knows that Eli means well with this stuff now. One-hundred percent, Jake would be a little cautious about Eli. He's done some crazy stuff, but I'm glad that they're friends. That means I get to be nice to Justin Kelly (Munro's real-life BFF). That's always a nice thing!"

The Clare situation is a bit more complicated, given the ex-couple's history. "They still have to talk. Eli's talked to Jake, he's talked to Fiona (Annie Clark), he's talked to Imogen (Cristine Prosperi), but he really hasn't talked to Clare," Munro explained. "That's a bridge that's really difficult for him. I'm hoping down the line, if they don't become in a relationship, I just hope they're at least civil with each other and friends."

Imogeli fans shouldn't expect to see Eli and Imogen go on that coffee date during finale week as Munro told us, "There's nothing that's blooming with Eli and Imogen yet."

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Given a choice between just friends or boyfriend-girlfriend, Munro would like to see the latter for Eli and Imogen. "I feel like they're perfect for each other. I like how crazy Eli and Imogen are. I would love to see that relationship happen, because I feel like Eli needs someone who is dependent on him and that's what Imogen would be." Sounds totally unhealthy therefore totally perfect for Degrassi.

Aside from Clare and Imogen, Munro has a hard time picking another female character that would be right for Eli ("Who can really stand him?!"), but did point out the perks of being Eli's girlfriend (other than car-crashing and emotional smothering): "Run out of nail polish, he's always got extra" and you can "change pants. That's the basis of a relationship."

If all these finale and relationship goodies from Munro weren't good enough for you (as if!), here's an exclusive clip from Wednesday's episode "Dead and Gone: Part 1," which includes a shirtless Jake. Need we say more? 

Would you like to see Eli and Clare get back together or are you ready for Eli to move on with Imogen? Sound off in the comments!

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